Thursday, August 6, 2009

4" hole in the ground

There are a few things to consider when purchasing real estate. Good neighborhood? Nice view? Is the lot buildable?
Everybody has their own theories on realty. Here's mine---find a good neighborhood with a view of water. Find lots that are supposedly unbuildable, do your homework, then build on them.
This lot's across the street from our house. It was supposed to be too small to fit a septic system in. (In areas with no sewer hookup, there's an intricate system of tanks and pipes underground designed to let bacteria reduce the sewage to a form the soil can readily absorb)
Over a year ago I had to dig deep holes then hire a company to fill them with water and measure how quickly the soil absorbs. Then take that number and figure out how many feet of leach lines. Then figure out if ther's room to put a house. Draw up plans, submit to county, get inspection, get approval, start digging.
And digging.
And digging.
The tank's in. Byron was a HUGE help getting the infiltrators in and level. He even gave up the CMHS reunion just to come breathe some pretty thick dust...
Yesterday I got the cross tubes in that join the 5 runs of chambers, and poured concrete dams over all the crossovers. I think I'm ready for inspection---find out tomorrow.
If it passes inspection I can proceed with plancheck. Also, once the system is approved, the lot will be worth about triple what I paid for it---it becomes 'buildable'.
I'm a little nervous.


Tina said...

Good luck with the inspections. As this is not your first time doing this sort of thing, hopefully there won't be any surprises & you can move forward.

Looking forward to watching the progress.

keeka said...

wow, that is a pretty big 4 inch hole!!! Sorry, I am nit picking! I am just jealous that you get more done in 1 week than we get done in 5 years!

flyingvan said...

All those trenches get filled in now that I'm APPROVED!!!! After all that work, all there will be to show for it is a 4" hole in the ground. It's a pretty important hole though and since outhouses are illegal, it's pretty essential.

Tina said...

4" Wide, not deep. That makes more sense :)

flyingvan said...

Iguess I need to be more clear. All this workresults in a 4" pipe sticking out of the ground. Everything else is buried deep in the ground. If I faked paperwork, didn't really need toilets, sinks, or drains, I coulda just stuck a $1.76 bit of pipe in the groundand had the same visual effect