Sunday, August 9, 2009

on-site wastewater treatment system

All you people that are slaves to the corporate sewage monopolies--take that! My water is from wells and the tank gravity feeds. This house will have a large propane tank, and water heater/wall furnace/oven and stove will all work off that; there will even be a propane back up generator for our frequent powwer outtages. This house will serve as sort of a backup house when we get snowed in with no power. (actually with wood heat we do OK in the main house. We did have to barbeque a birthday cake in the snow one year when the power went out)
Byron was using this spinning laser level; the pole would tell him when the trenches were exactly level. (county inspector was VERY impressed with our accuracy) Dave was using his backhoe. Last cabin I built, digging the foundation by hand took all summer. (getting a backhoe in wasn't possible) this time we'll do it in a day.


Lee said...

Not sure this is of any use, given your plans. My sister's place had heating oil that ran a boiler. That in turn headed the house via floor heating (tubes in the floor).

Her entire kitchen (and refrig) was run off propane. They used Coils buried deep in the earth for cooling the house (not sure the details).

As such the electrical was minimal and a small generator would fill the bill in case of outtage.

Lee said...

That last picture has a joke in it about the first turd... but, I digress...

Tina said...

Wow, at this pace, I guess we're coming to visit in November?

We just need to build a ditch for rain run-off. Can we borrow Byron's lazer thing?

flyingvan said...

ground source heat pumps----very cool. Expensive and efficient..A small place used as a second house, it isn't worth the cost.
Laser thing isn't Byron's---he just knew how to handle it

prestoffcenter said...

I also brought home about 5 lbs of your yard in my shoes.

Well... more like 4 lbs in my shoes and 1 pound in my nose. Most of it is out now- thankfully.

I actually didn't really know what the laser thingy was but I stayed in a Holiday Inn not too long ago.