Thursday, August 13, 2009

VIP flight (and a mystery ship)


Today we had a 'VIP' flight---the editor in chief of a widely circulated magazine. We didn't do any hoist stuff, just a flight around the city.
San Diego city is about 400 square miles. 2 bays. Mountains, rivers, cliffs; the only municipal golf course to be part of the PGA tour....Also the scariest airport of any major US city. Lindberg field is down in a bowl; your approach is over Golden Hill, through the buildings, just miss the parking garage, to the runway. All at low power so as not to annoy the people who bought houses in the flightpath. (find the 737 in the picture)
The submarine base....Normally we're directed by Air Traffic Control to fly over the channel. Today they directed us over the submarine base. There's also a pen where they keep the dolphins the Navy trains. I don't think they're trined to jump through hoops and stuff though.
This really, really tall ship was sailing off shore. Very fast. Any clue what it is?

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Tina said...

Yeah - when we came down for MTV last year, we had to fly in to San Diego. I really don't like landing there. It's an act of faith on my part when I fly anyway. I also don't like landing at San Francisco. Feels like you're going to land in the Bay.

I have no clue what that tall ship thing is. Looks waaaay too tall for the base of it.