Monday, August 24, 2009

18 years and counting!

This pic was taken 18 years ago today. It was a fun, small (200) country wedding...I got to the point where I just wanted to get through it; if I really understood what it all meant or how happy we'd be together, I would have appreciated it more.

We honeymooned in Hawaii, mostly on the Big Island.

This is for any junior blog readers....DO NOT live together before marriage. We waited, old-school style. After the honeymoon we couldn't wait to get home and set up shop. I already owned a house before we were married; now it was time to move AnnaMarie in. It was a tiny house in the woods and quite romantic. Our first meal together there---I made AM a tuna melt with her initials on it. It sort of felt like we were 'playing house', and at night, she didn't have to leave. That good feeling is still there for us. I imagine if you're already living together before the wedding, after it's all done and over you come back to the same old thing, except now with the commitment.
AnnaMarie gets prettier every year. She's given me three GREAT kids, and runs a fun, efficient household. We go on frequent dates and at least one get-away every year.
If you get in the habit of always looking for new reasons to love your significant other, you'll find those reasons. If you reflect those things back to them, you both come out ahead. (We've learned to avoid couples that publicly degrade each other. You really think you can insult somebody into a better person?)
Happy Anniversary, AM. Thanks for showing me what love is.


Shannon said...

aw, sweet.

- Rob said...

Happy Anniversary. Your marriage is now old enough to vote!

Hope you two get to do something fun.

One of my most memorable anniversary celebrations was just spending a date night at home, using the good dishes, dressing up a bit, working together on the cleanup, and then having a comfortable evening together watching a movie. The kids all stayed at other places for the evening.

Lee said...

That was a good day. The few times Tina and myself have been able to visit over the years, both of you have always been hospitable and kind.

It is nice to see so many of my "core" friends having strong marriages.

Tina said...

Yes indeed - we've all seemed to get matched up pretty well. :) Something to be said for knowing what you're looking for, I guess :)

Congrats to both of you. You are a wonderful example of what marriage & family is supposed to be!

Hugs to you both :)

keeka said...

here here! We miss you guys! Congratulations on a match made in heaven!

Have a great Anniversary!

shoo said...


I am totally with you on the moving in thing. If you are already living together, marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper that makes the breakup harder. When you actually move in together after making the commitment, it means so much more.

- Rob said...

We were an exception to the "moving in together" rule. Celeste and I were engaged, but not married when we got our apartment together in Santa Ana.

So far, so good though.

Scot said...

Liberals nowadays; "Just don't live together before marriage..." What's the world coming to?