Friday, May 4, 2012

The Hype Gap

    An interesting dynamic in presidential elections is the hype gap.  I remember people fainting and swooning over Clinton, Obama, even Kerry and Dukakis albeit to a lesser degree.   I don't recall seeing the same kind of pop hero status for Republican candidates---enthusiasm, yes, but no contrived hype.
      Some may point to the main stream media and say it just isn't presented in a balanced way, always doing what they can to support the liberal.
      When Gore was running against Bush, there was absolutely more hype behind Gore.  We could bicker about how the final 255 votes were counted, but I think we'd agree it wouldn't have been a landslide either way.  My liberal friends point to the disparity in fervor and predict outcome based on that---whoever has the tide of excitement will win.  There's always a danger, though, in painting your opponent with the same brush as your view.
       Conservatives, however, want LESS government.  We want more individual freedom, more liberty.  We don't want our potential stifled by progressive taxes or our innovations quashed by out of control regulations.  We believe in the free market,  and any government meddling only hurts the economy.
        So we're suspicious of all politicians.  We want to support the government official who is entrenched in government but for the individual, not the government.  We want a candidate who sees the Constitution as an important protection of the citizens from an overly intrusive government, not a stumbling block to work around and manipulate in order to force programs on us that are way outside of the ennumerated powers (Healthcare for all under the interstate commerce clause?  Give me a break.  That's so far outside of what the framers intended and you know it.)
       So I'll still quietly support the candidate that's headed in the least wrong direction.  Being anti-Gore does not make me a huge Bush supporter (Thanks for all the illegal immigrants and the TSA, George) and I've got some serious concerns about Romney's record, so don't expect me to defend every action he has.  He's worth investing in since he will de-fund Obamacare.  It will take decades to undo the dmamge Obama has caused, and having him for 4 more years as a lame duck, with no need to please future voters and a desire to 'fundamentally change' America (which he has proven to be in a socialist direction---a system that has never once led to prosperity) my hype and enthusiasm lie behind not giving him a second term. 
       I get it---Obama's cool.  I might even prefer to spend an evening in a bar with Obama than Romney, but it's hard to tell about people through the press....Back in school, though, if I needed help with homework I wouldn't have asked the coolest kid, I'd ask the one who knew what he was doing.

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Anonymous said...

De-fund Romney care? Oops, Obama care? Not gonna happen.

Obamney is as big government as they come.

Obama is a marxist set to destroy individual freedom & liberty, set to make cerain whatever you do - especially as a Caucasian- is by permission only. A 2nd term for him-there will be NO holding back-the marxists have been waiting decades for Just This Time. It will be just as 1938 Germany for the Jews.

Having said that, there really is no difference between the direction of Bush and Obama - what Bush policies did Obama rescind? Nothing of import. And Romney is to Obama as Obama to Bush - no difference in direction, only in velocity. And therein is the problem - Bush/Romney= the R wing of the progressives - Obama = the Marxist wing of same.

An Obamney win will return the faux conservatives to their recliners, secure in the knowledge that yes, obamney isn't who they might wish for, but by golly he's a Republican! And that's gotta stand for sumpthin!

Same direction, populace asleep,game over.

An obama win however will energize his opposition - and might just accomplish the opposite of his goals, since his arrogance & hubris will overide any concern for timing or appearance of propriety.

The "election" is like a fixed card game - you will NEVER get a winning hand.

Don't play the game.