Monday, May 21, 2012

Exterior Done!

  With the exception of some stain for the foundation concrete and the stone bridge to the front porch, and a little black touch up paint for the chimney cap, the exterior is done!

  The foundation is going to be stained brown with black streaks.  The chimney cap needs a little more of the high temp flat black paint....The porch lights came from 'Architechtural Salvage' in Little Italy---very old, $25 each (there are three of them)  AnnaMarie says they fit perfect.
      The porch ceiling had to be fire resistive, like everything else.  It was boring and flat so I cut up some of the extra soffit material in 3" wide strips and trimmed it out some.  Caulking all the joints and seams before painting really smooted it all out----with white paint, any gap, no matter how small, looks black.  A.M. loves red doors.  The deck and railing will fade lighter over time.
   Here's the backside.  The eyebrow eave was an afterthought and not on the plans.  The rangehood vent is tucked way up under the eave on the water heater chase---that duct was a bear to run...The hinge for the water heater access door left a big ugly gap so I slipped a length of old firehose under the trimand lapped it over the door.  It took paint well---we'll see how it weathers.  The rain gutter was a must---rain fell off the roof to the downward slope and splashed mud onto the house.  I still plan on some digging and gravel on this side.
  The bright chrome chimney parts didn't look good so they got two coats of high temp primer, then high temp flat black.  All the vent pipes will get the same.

  The chimney from the back side----the furnace flue is hidden behind it from the street.  I didn't want any vents or plumbing showing from the street side.  I cut the slate into random widths and cut the corners off, and drilled screwholes.  They were attached with mastic but screwed in place too---with the shingle lap I was afraid of them sagging before the mastic set up.  I caulked the corners with a mix of black and gray silicone.

Now to get to work on the inside....

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Tina said...

Steve - it looks SO good! Congrats on a great job!