Sunday, May 27, 2012

Even more done

So here's the latest finished outside.  The foundation is painted after two tries----first attempt I tried to match the hearth so it was darker brown with black and natural concrete streaks.  It looked exactly as I imagined.  When AnnaMarie came to look at it though it looked nothing like she'd imagined, so I lightened up the brown concrete stain and made it all the same.  She was right, of course--- you shouldn't draw attention to the foundation.  We'll probably plant around it anyway.

   The bench seat in the bay is done.  The lid comes off for storage.  It's kind of a bad angle picture---the planks to the left look wider because they're closer---it's the back of the fireplace housing.  I have a little more interior siding to do, maybe 300 square feet or so
The great wall has been a pain since day one.  Standing it up, insulation, siding the outside, now siding the inside.  I want as few seams (butt joints) as possible so getting 20' wide boards up high in a 20' wide house is tricky. 

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