Thursday, June 4, 2009



This week has all been about playing catch up after investing a week teaching the S-271 course. It's an introduction to helicopter operations for people on the fire department interested in participating. The last day of class is the field exercise.
After being divided into three Helitack crews, they all had tasks to complete. They set up a good helibase using things from the fuel truck. They set up a landing zone. We did some training stations, then started the drill.
No matter how clear you try to make it, when you're marshalling in the copter DON'T LOOK DOWN. If the machine decides to land too close to you you have seconds to get out of the way, and if you have to wave off the landing, you're going to need to see things. You try to tell them it'll get a little dusty, but do they listen?
Anyway, this marshall looked down. That's 5 demerits.
All in all it was a good course and we got lots of positive feedback. They all got to go for a short flight, and we even hoisted one guy....

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- Rob said...

I just noticed - that that Copter 2 (the big white 2 on the tail was my clue)?

I like the story of how you made the guys above you in rank run up a hill. :-)