Friday, June 26, 2009

The project update


Driveway's done...Except for the curb on the cut edge. After the septic system's in I'll dig down an dpour the curb. It'll give some strength to the edge, and keep the groundsquirrels from digging under the old concrete.
All the concrete chunks that had to go, I'm using for fill. The neighbors next door asked if I'd build them a parking spot off my driveway so they could park at the living level of the house instead of going up a bunch of stairs. (They're almost 80). It took lots of headscratching to figure out the angles. The grading is done, next week I can pour the surface. Then a retaining wall, then the two or three steps down. Mr. Frankie (the neighbor) will have the steel railing installed. There are 2" pipe sections set in the edgees the pipes can slide into.
If the septic system goes in without a problem, the real building can start


- Rob said...

I wish I had a neighbor like you.

Hey, while you are doing all of that hard work on your own, can you add in a small side project for me? The cool part is that you take such a realistic approach to it all.

I look forward to getting to watch the process on this cabin!

Tina said...

If we lived closer, we'd be coming to check everything out.

Thanks for providing photos & commentary for us :)

james said...

I love the angles and perspective in this pic