Thursday, June 11, 2009

High risk job; told you so

There are many hazards in our workplace. First off, these copters fall out of the sky at an alarming rate. Rotor strikes can happen. In dry weather, you can take a pretty good shock from the hook. Out of control spins, swinging into cactus, the dreaded poison oak, cold injuries, dehydration... Now, on top of all that, our station has a Chupacabra. Mike was trying to get a picture of him, so I was trying to get a picture of Mike. It's a little blurry but there it is. Not sure where he came from. Maybe another municipal department turned him loose in here.
I checked my life insurance policy. I'm not covered in the event of a copter mishap, but there is no such exclusion for goat suckers. If tomorrow morning they discover the three of us as dry husks lying in our beds, will someone please forward this to Aetna for me?
.........And now this. Captain Stephenson showed up for work today. We gave him the morning briefing, followed by "One more thing. We have a Chupacabra in the station" "Chupacabra my ass! You guys will do anything to get out of...AAAHHHHH!!!!"


Tina said...

Hmmm. Mebbe you shouldn't have passed on that other opportunity.

Chupawhatzis - wasn't that on the X-Files?


Lee said...

"Chupacabra my ass" is a direct command to the Chupacabra

keeka said...

Yes, Tina you are right about it being an episode on X Files! I think it is a mexican thing. Like half goat half wolf or something, or maybe it was a wolf thing that ate the goats?

shoo said...

Dextor's Laboratory had a great show on Chupacabra.