Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Decisions, decisions...


"We're at the stage that we'd like you to submit your salary needs and other contractual considerations"

Cons--- Leaving my dream job that fits me perfectly. Of course there are good days and bad, but you can't beat the variety and constant challenge.
Uprooting my family. AnnaMarie has never had a sense of 'home' before. Kids are in a school with friends they like and on a good track. I love where we live.
Office job? With flourescent lights, ties, meetings? I WOULD get fat.
I really like the people I work with now and feel I can contribute.
Helicopters are cool.
I'd miss the Frequent travel, usually for extended camping trips.
I wouldn't be able to find a decent pollo asado burrito.

Pros--- Regular work hours.
Completely new set of challenges.
Could probably work more years doing this (wait---that's a 'Con'). Current position causes some wear and tear
Liquidating our SoCal properties, we could buy something awesome there. For cash.

Not that I'm seriously considering this. I don't even know what the competition's like, and if they just needed a certain number of applicants when they first approached. I'd still blog about things that happened at work. "Today, I attended a fabulous powerpoint presentation!!"


Lee said...

I wish you well on any choice you make. I have a knack for picking wrongly.

Nick Stabile said...

All I can say, is that you seem to be like me. You can't leave this job. All the extended camping trips and the rashes from evil plants, you need this job the same way I need this job. Do what you gotta do but don't do it lightly. Good luck, brother.