Saturday, December 13, 2008

Solar energy

Annamarie's mood, and therefore the mood of our whole house, is largely dependent on how many excited air molecules collide with her. The more, the better. Unfortunately we live in a location where the molecules of air are spaced further apart, so to excite them into colliding with her requires fusing expensive hydrocarbons with oxygen. Combine with this my family's unwillingness to participate in keeping the excited molecules inside, and you're talking some serious bucks.
Fortunately, there are devices placed around our neighborhood that collect sunlight, pull large amounts of CO2 out of the atmosphere, and produce oxygen. They're pretty ingenious. Most of the carbon from the CO2 ends up in the ground where it will become a hydrocarbon so future environmentalists can make future consumers feel bad about exploiting it....Some of the carbon, however, is stored in solid form. It's free for the taking. It takes some effort, but if I spend a good day's work I can collect it and convert it to a useful size. I'll store it in bulk until I need it. We have some devices in our house that you can put it in to reduce it-----the stored sunlight is released in a wavelength that excites the air molecules and another wavelength that's a visual stimulus to further elevate mood.
Yesterday, before our date, I had just enough time to collect two truckloads of the stuff, make it the right size, and store it in a compact manner. Shielding it from precipitation keeps the moisture content low, facilitating the reduction process.


prestoffcenter said...

Bill Nye doesn't even come close to your level.

In your next career (if that heli thing doesn't work out) you should go teach.

Stella said...

Great post. I know environmentalists will feel really bad about exploiting solar energy in about 6 billion years or so...

Thanks for the science lesson.

keeka said...

Where do your talents end? I have to admit, the photo helped a lot. I was a little..whaa? Ummmm...and Oh! Heehee.