Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 insignificant miracles

This is a picture of Annamarie's miraculous keychain. OK maybe miracle is a stretch, and curiosity fits better.
There are three things that amaze me about her keychain.
20 years ago I bought my first house in Julian. I was in my early 20's and Annamarie and I were dating. I had to cut back a big manzanita bush, and the wood was pretty enough that I carved this heart for Annamarie.
Amazing thing #1---the initials AM + SV scratched onto the surface is more significant now than it was way back then..... Amazing thing #2 I scratched those initials in the exact center of the heart (I have a picture somewhere)---over time they've been slowly drifting to the left (thank God we haven't drifted slowly to the left) Not sure if it'll be an omen if they drift right off the keychain....The most amazing thing is, #3---in 20 years, Annamarie has never lost her keys.


- Rob said...

Good foresight on using AM for her initials and not her last name so that it did not change when she married you!

jim said...

steve, remember that store we used to ride past on the way to md? The treasury. I swiped a hasp off the flagpole one day and used it as a keychain ever since, actually it wore out about a year ago.

princess slea said...

aw, sweet story.

flyingvan said...

Which one---my keychain or Jim's hasp?