Saturday, December 20, 2008

The muck and the yuck

In the extreme south west corner of the contiguous states, there's a garden spot where the Tijuana river flows across the border into the U.S.....It forms a sort of delta that captures all the trash, bodies, and raw sewage Mexico sends our way. There are no real developments here, just a bunch of horse corrals and some shanty houses for ranch hands.
When it rains hard and long the whole valley floods. Every time. Most have the sense to move their horses somewhere else but some of the corrals get 8' or more of water, so some people try to go and let them out. They get stuck. The 'swiftwater response team' takes care of most of them and does a good job letting as many horses out as they can. We flew down and assisted---I think we got a total of 6 people out and up to higher ground. The lifeguards did quite a few more.
Today the river's back down but we have lots of snow in the back country and everyone's off school---Wonder if we'll get a snow rescue

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