Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leader of a nation or democrat patsy?

Illinois politics has long been the most insider friendly quid-pro-quo environment (with the possible exception of DC, at least) in the nation. This whole Blagovich thing is a surprise to no one, and kudos to the local dems for keeping him out of the press just long enough.
His dirty political stench will absolutely impact Obama's first days in office.
If Obama is a member of the Illinois democrat inner circle that got him into office, he should encourage a delay in filling the Senate seat he left vacant, so the new Governor can whisk another Democrat insider in. If Obama wants to distance himself from that cesspool and demonstrate he's setting aside partisan politics for the good of the nation, he could very publicly support a special election for the seat. Chances are a Democrat would win it anyway, so the actual political risk is minimal to him.
If he did call for a special election, I would be very impressed by the move. If my character assessment of him is accurate, though, he'll lay low and let politics as usual prevail---why run the risk of losing the senate majority? Please note---my character assessments aren't 100% accurate.


Lee said...

One seat will not change the majority. It will only push them further from a super majority (which they are a couple seats shy).

Speculation is just that. You will either be suprised or justified.

President Obama has nothing that shows he has an actual interest in anything Right of Center. And in truth why should he? His belief that Democrats can resolve all this nations issues is paramount.

So serving the democrats serves the nations own best interest and style trumps substance, so if he puts on a good show and says he tried really hard, he wins.

Stella said...

Even as a fair-minded progressive, I think the Blagovich scandal is a disgrace. Whether his corruption impacts Obama remains to be seen. But, you're right flyingvan: a special election would be the most honest option. I agree with Lee: one seat won't make a difference.

flyingvan said...

Yep. Politics as usual. We need to clean house on both sides of the aisle. In the hundreds of millions of citizens, we can't find 100 honest people for the senate? The few hundred for congress? Obama has chosen a cabinet that is already scandal ridden.