Sunday, February 10, 2013

Something You Need To Know About Power Tools

  There's something that doing this building stuff taught me about power tools I didn't know before I thought I'd pass along.
   When they build power tools, they install a little packet of blue smoke deep inside the tool.  I think they do the same with blenders, actually.  There's some sort of timing device that's bluetoothed to your bank balance, and a logic circuit that weighs how badly you need that tool at that moment, your financial status, and how long it's been in service and at the proper moment it automatically activates the packet of blue smoke. 
    It's an important feature.  The blue smoke is a power tool's version of an expiration date on a carton of milk.  It's trying to tell you it's time to go get a new one.
    The other thing that will set it off is if you've borrowed the tool; not always, but it is a bit like Russian Roulette-- You could have gone to buy yourself a brand new tool, but you borrowed one instead--it blue smoked, so you have to go buy a new one anyway except you don't get to keep it.
    I think the old Dodge has the same technology