Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treading Slowly

   So much more work gets done when I have days off in a row, and I'm not between shifts.  Typical between shift day---Get up (at AirOps) around 05:30 and take care of some end of shift things.  Give a turn over to my relief sometime between 07:00 and 08:00.  Go to hardware store.  Call A.M. see what she needs me to pick up.  Stop at WalMart/Target/Market/ whatever.
  This time of year there's an awesome weather phenomena---it's wet and drizzly on the coast where work is.  Then I drive up through the clouds to 5000' where it's clear and Autumn warm and Autumn colors.
  Get home, unload groceries, take care of home stuff.  THEN I can get over to build, usually if I get going by 10:00 I'm doing good.  I had to get some painting done before putting the stairs together.

   This was fun.  All the little custom cut bits getting put together like a giant 3-D puzzle.  I'm very glad I numbered the pieces....I tried to stain the treads so they looked like the floor.  Next I biscuit joined the end trim of Jacareuba to the treads, glued and clamped them.  I got a system going where a few treads were always clamped and setting while I worked on completing some stairs....After clamping they get a light sanding----I decided I'd install them first then put the final coat of varnish on, that way I wouldn't be too worried about nicks and cuts.
   Here are two treads clamped; the kitchen drawers are in the background drying from their final coat of paint
  As is too often the case, once I got into a productive rhythm I had to quit.  I had a lake board meeting I couldn't miss.  I think I can finish the stairs with another full day...These few are done except for filling the screw holes.  The treads are glued down with construction adhesive then screwed in place--the first step squeeks though because it flexes slightly rubbing against the wall.  I couldn't back the screws out without damaging the surface of the step, but each of the other steps get adhesive where it meets the wall now, that seemed to fix the squeek

   The treads will look a bit better after the final coat of varnish.  I really like how the oak/white/jacareuba tie everything together....I'm going to caulk all the seams so dirt can't get stuck in there

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