Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear Sandra...

   Sometimes I think the ONLY form of liberty liberals understand and push for is sexual liberty. 

   Sandra---you really pose little threat---you drew a crowd of 10 people at the Obama rally.  You aren't exactly a sex symbol either; it isn't so much the leftist crazy eyes or the man hands either---it has more to do with your outlook which could be very destructive.  I'm sure you tell yourself men like me want to tell you what you can, and what you can't, do with your body.  Please let me set the record straight.
   As a Conservative, I believe 100% you have every right to do whatever you want with your body.   If that's what 'liberty' means to you, well, have at it.  Difference is, the consequences of your decisions are yours to bear, not mine, and not the most innocent among us whom I have no doubt you'd force me to pay for you to have aborted, and you wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it.
   You are to blame in part for our depressed economy.  Time was, if a young man wanted sex, (I've heard quite a few do) the way to get it was 1) Learn a trade or get a degree 2) Establish an income 3) Get married.  Sex is a great and powerful motivator.   With women like you removing all consequences from sex, and requiring a commitment only from tax payers like me to pay for your birth control, abortions, treatment for STD's, or to raise any offspring fortunate enough to escape the knife, there is little motivation for a young man to better himself..
    Turns out things like morality come from lessons learned by societies over and over again---not some random ritual necessary for eternal salvation.  Sandra, this is probably way outside your wheelhouse, but imagine a world where all women got together and refused to have sex with anyone until they were willing to make a lifelong commitment towards you, and at very least could take responsibility for the expenses of birth control---more ideally, for the expenses of a family.  Imagine that every single child born could look daily at a mother and a father that loved each other, and that child had a daily reminder they were a product of that love.  Imagine if Family was the core basis of society and government took a way far backseat.
    I hope you one day can look big picture at the cause you've cashed in your 15 minutes of fame for.  Premarital sex, with the expenses forced on fellow citizens.   Liberty isn't really about just doing whatever you feel.  Liberty is the ability to make your own decisions, and reap the benefits of good ones and suffer the consequences of bad.  Leveraging government to cushion the blow of the bad, and to leech off the benefits of other people's good decisions, is not liberty.  Quite the opposite.


timmer said...

if you want to have sex, get a job. i love it!

Robin said...

Extremely well said, Bravo!!!!!

BTW --- love the cottage

Robin said...

Well said, bravo!!!!

BTW -- I love your cottage