Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not Falling

   So many days are spent getting work done, either here or at the fire department.  So much of getting work done requires putting distance between myself and my home planet.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this; however, the return trip is always top on the mind----taking off is optional.  Landing is not.  When you do return, you want to return to the correct place at a comfortable speed.
   It was time to get the tall wall done.  I promised Mom I wouldn't attempt it alone.  Once again, Byron to the rescue---he came down and helped set up the scaffolding I borrowed, even brought some missing pieces that were needed.  It made the work safer and more productive and we made it up almost to the very top.  I'll finish soon if the weather holds, then final painting on the way down while taking the scaffolding back apart.  We started cutting siding boards into wavy lined shingles for up in the gable.  It came out really well.  Most of the caulking is completed too.  I had to take A.M. to an appointment and returned to find Byron had cleaned everything up inside.  This, by the way, is what I consider the ugly side of the house but the only person that will see it is Keith, who owns the dome home next door.  Oh and soffits---the eaves have to be filled in with this concrete soffit board stuff.  I really don't like how it looks but it's required in fire resistive construction.  It went in easier than I had anticipated and really doesn't look all that bad


Anonymous said...

Nice Cabin. You are extremely talented.

Tina said...

Hey - I'd stay there in a heartbeat :)