Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amnesty in California

   It's time we band together as Californians to save our great state.  I don't care what your party line is, or what your prejudices towards these people are.  They deserve amnesty and our state's future depends on it.  It's simple economics.
   Maybe they don't look like you.  Their language might not be recognizable to you, though you probably recognize a few words....You may have even participated in rallies to keep them out.  It's time we recognize these people, (Yes, they ARE people with the same dignity afforded you and me) for the hard work and sacrifice they represent.  Without them our state, even our country, simply wouldn't have the prosperity it has enjoyed in the past.  We all benefit from the sweat of their brow.  You probably didn't know they actually DO pay taxes, and use far less in government services than you and I. 
    I say end all prejudices you have towards this group.  Invite every last one of them into our state, and grant them tax amnesty for being here.  I swear they'll spend, they'll elevate our culture.  Have you tried their food?
    Most importantly they will do the kind of work most Americans aren't willing to do anymore.  Too long this group has been looked down upon, literally spat upon, vilified, made to feel unwelcome.  There are  politicians--Presidents even---that will lie and foster misconceptions about this group for political gain.
    Please, open your minds and really think about what our state would be like if we didn't have them here.  They really bring alot to our communities.  Call them what you want---Millionaires, Billionaires, Entrepeneurs, the Well-To-Do.  Just remember that it's very possible you could become one someday yourself, and ask yourself how you'd want to be treated.

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prestoffcenter said...

They are a minority too.