Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Siding, Inside and Out

   I'm set up now, to get work done regardless of the weather.  With some beautiful days and some help from Byron, got the tall wall all sided.  The soffits are in, all caulked and painted.  The shingles up in the gable have a wavy look---they were cut from regular siding boards, freehand.  The pattern is matched for the gable under the eyebrow, too.  You can see the color the girls picked.  It's really going to stand out from the highway.
   Then Winter pays a visit.  Howling wind, sleet, in the 20's.   Time to get some indoors stuff done.  I set up the wet saw I bought on Craigslist for $50 and start making tiles from the stones that I found when the foundation and septic were dug.
     The kids were home for MLK day so I recruited Lauren to puzzle fit them together for the fireplace.  I made some templates the exact shape out of cardboard.   I'll get high temp mastic and put them on the hardiboard that's already in place--another cold weather project.   Right now, though, I'm getting some of the tongue and groove interior siding in.  It's very rewarding to work on stuff that will show.  This is the bedroom window with a window seat built in.  I added a reading light in the ceiling and a switch because it looked like an inviting place to sit with a book.  The picture of the lake is out that same window.

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Doyel akter said...

I found your blog when we were looking, and started my own.siding I gave you credit, so hopefully people can use these are a resource we didn't have. Can't wait to read the rest of your posts and see more pics!