Friday, July 23, 2010

Pageant of the Masters


OK here's the Yin and Yang of it.... I think I appreciate the Pageant more than everybody else. I couldn't help but think, if had made an evening of just catching up at the restaurant, we would have had at least as much fun. But we don't do that---unless you come up with some excuse to get together, it doesn't happen. If it involves dressing up, the spouses jump aboard and it happens.
I chose crappy seats. Trying to balance expense/seats is tricky. We were front row of crappy seats, which was crappier because you didn't get the tier effect and people were walking in front a lot.
We didn't get to visit with Shoemakers or Grams much at the restaurant (AWESOME restaurant---I'm biased. Very Flemish, like Vandewalle) I did something rare for me-ate way too much. Big bucket of mussels, then tons of raw salmon carpaccio, then a huge patty of completely raw ground beef (Beoff Tartarre) delicious! Always wanted to try it and would soooo eat it again.
AnnaMarie's been struggling with some pretty severe pinched nerve issues and she was very uncomfortable, to the point of tears---but trooped through. It made it hard to enjoy things since she didn't feel good. Mike drove us back to our hotel... It was hot and muggy (AM was freezing so AC was out of the question) I had my HUGE DHS webex meeting I kept dreaming I was late for, all on a very full stomach of Mussel, raw salmon, raw cow. All after visual over stimulation. Makes for some wild, wild dreams, let me tell you.
AM's Aunt took the girls to Camarillo the next day so it's just Patrick with us until Sunday when they take the train home


Tina said...

Sounds like fun except the part that AM wasn't feeling well. I don't know that I've ever eaten Flemish food. Sounds pretty meaty though, so I'd probably have a salad :)

My family never got tickets to PotM, we only drove into town & decided it was too crowded to stay :) We wound up at the beach, I think :)

The part where you gather with friends is the best bit anyway :)

keeka said...

I agree. After working at Dland for as long as both Carl and I did, we tend to steer as far from crowds as we can. And I sympathize with AM. Both Tina and I have done something to our shoulders in the last few months and we have lovely twinges in neck and shoulder areas. I will NEVER go on the Stateline roller coaster EVER EVER again.