Thursday, July 15, 2010

Delays Building


"Hey, Daddy! We're gonna paint our room!" Oh boy...They've never painted anything. This is gonna be an unexpected, unscheduled project..."All you gotta do is buy paint" Well, OK, since my color vision isn't good, I can use this as an excuse for a date with AnnaMarie.
So we head to Lowe's. I needed stuff anyway. The phone rings---"Umm..Lauren was out watering and found a rattlesnake" What did she do? "Kept watering".
When I find snakes I use a makeshift snake pole and play Marlin Perkins, relocating them to an unpopulated place, then say nothing about it. Since we were gone, our neighbor came over and relieved it of its head.
Next day the painting started. I have to admit---the kids took it on, spent the whole day doing the painting, and never once complained or got tired of the project. I had to help a little with the removal of trim and the high spots, but they did the vast majority and love the results.
Rob---we had the whole room apart, no sign of Haley's Ipod. It's not in my car either


Tina said...

I let Diana do her room as well. She learned that blue tape has to really be stuck to the wall, or the black paint will go under it and mess up the white paint.

Eventually I'll repaint the whole thing, but I'm not in a big hurry. I'm more concerned with the bathroom redo...

Jeremy Mollison said...
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