Friday, December 11, 2009


(Near here, except sopping wet)

So you're a 40 something year old dude home from work for the day. It's raining out. Do you :

A) Get some things done around the house
B) Hook up with friends at the local watering hole
C) Write Christmas cards, -or-
D) Go mountain biking over some SWEET jumps in the rain?

Our last customer opted for (D).

The wooden ramp is halfway down the canyonside, with a 10' dropoff. If you really get going, you can fly deeper into the canyon. Looking at the jump it's hard to imagine how anyone makes it without getting hurt...
This guy landed HARD. The fire crew at scene knew moving him would be really painful, not to mention difficult and arduous. We were able to immobilize him pretty well and the hoist extraction was smooth, even with the rain. Enroute to the hospital we made him a LOT more comfortable through some chemistry tricks.
The back of the copter looked really bad afterwards. You coulda planted corn. We went straight from the hospital to the Fire Academy training pretty close to where the rescue was; I hope the fact that the gear, inside the copter, and my flightsuit were all caked in mud added some street cred.


keeka said...

Wow. I can't think of anything to say...I cannot imagine anyone I know doing that. Crazy.
Was he at least remorseful?
Thankful that you were there to help? Because in this day and age, you never know, they just don't get it sometimes!

flyingvan said...

Remorseful? It's been my experience that people with long bone fractures pre-pain control aren't too worried about remorse. Maybe regret... Once you stabilize the fractures, establish IV access and see how much morphine you can give before they get sick, then they start to emote a bit.
Keep us posted on the headache thing. I hope it's nothing

keeka said...

It has been better, maybe it is a combination of hormonal migraine and sinus problems...I will hopefully find out tomorrow. Prayers are welcome!