Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taking care of 'business'


I ordered my infiltrators and picked them up. If you live in a city, you flush and stuff goes through miles of pipes to a wastewater treatment plant somewhere. If you live in the country, it goes through a few feet of pipe into a two chambered tank where bacteria break it down, then it goes out into the soil in your yard. The traditional method is to distribute it through a few hundred feet of perforated pipe in crushed rock lined trenches.
I'm using infiltrators. They have twice the evapotranspiration area, and according to the data you only need half as much field; the county still requires the full distance. The real saving is, no crushed rock required.
I have to dig 325' of trench, 3' deep. Then these things all snap together, get the county inspection, then covered up-- out of sight out of mind.
Byron---you could use these for decor. If you want a certain style, say the set of 'Aliens', you could cover the walls and ceilings with these and put bright lights behind them. Add a fog machine or two and you're done.

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