Thursday, July 2, 2009



So the Washington Post was caught red handed trying to sell softball interviews to healthcare reform lobbyists (no hard questions) and access to Obama insiders. THose of us with any ability to scrutinize media are not surprised one bit, except in their ineptitude in covering their tracks. If the NY Times caught wind NRA lobbyists bought favorable interviews from national media, there would be hell to pay. My image of the U.S.A. is incompatible with a state controlled media. Whichever side of the aisle you're on, this should bother you a great deal.
Similar is the squashing of EPA documents that don't support the global warming/carbon emmission connection. We are going to further cripple our economy by allowing these lies to change legislation.

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Lee said...

This is just dumbfounding. We also have the Huffington Post plant with pre-arranged questions to Obama. And the staged Town Hall's as well.

Then ABC yanked John Stossels questioning of Obama's Health care.

At least fewer people are watching MSNBC and CNN then ever.

I mean CNBC proclaimed the USA economy has recovered.