Saturday, July 11, 2009

Add a caption


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I can't quite make out what he's reading. Any idea?

- Rob said...

John learned from experience that his Stormtrooper outfit had a practical use the day after a spicy meal.

Tina said...

The Stormpooper.

keeka said...

"Hmmm, Death Star Cupcake recipe, sounds good!"

I vote for Tina's! : )

keeka said...

Hey there, you may see a friend of ours (distant relative) soon. He will be working for the San Diego Fire Department. He just started down there in the academy, I think.
Let me know if you see him around!
I know, I know it is like when Carl and I get asked if we knew "so and so" when we worked at Disneyland. Unless you are working along side a person you don't really know they are there.
He shares your first name though and he is about 6' 5".