Friday, May 1, 2009

Somewhere Helibase


After over a week in Montana, here's what I can do now that I couldn't before. It will still take a season or two to get my task book signed off so I'm official. The position is 'Helibase Manager'. If there's a really big incident, you create a helibase somewhere. The test that carried the most weight was this sand table exercise. They set it up in advance with a little town, a big fire, and roads. You get to read the synopsis of the fire and the plan, then you get to work with the role players, delegating construction of the base. Meanwhile the copters that were ordered are coming in, as are the orders from divisions to use them. It was actually kind of fun. No way I'm ready for prime time yet though.

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- Rob said...

That picture looks a lot like the kinds of things that Lee and I did with his dinosaurs and wood blocks when we were still in Elementary School. Not to take away from what you are learning, but really the basics are built on playtime as a kid. That is really cool!

I like the helicopter related postings. It is interesting and I often share some of your stories with my customers and co-workers. Thanks!