Monday, May 4, 2009

Mount Sentinel, Montana


The couple in these pictures went hiking on Mount Sentinel in Montana recently. They went up the mountain, left the trail, and were hiking across this grassy knoll. They had to have been there May 2nd or 3rd, because those were the only sunny days. They might have been eaten by a grizzly or abducted by aliens, but all I really know for sure is they dropped their camera. Pretty far from the trail.
If anyone recognizes them and they can contact me to describe the case and camera I'll ship it back. I'm really hoping this isn't some sort of extramarital tryst that I've now broadcast across the internet. If so, I'll pay the postage.


prestoffcenter said...

I used to be in the habit of taking a pic of a biz or contact card before leaving on a trip for this very reason.

Don't remember how I fell out of the habit. Just forgot I guess.

Either that or I lost faith in the goodness of the citizen that might find/return the camera.

It's also probably a good habit that I stopped taking all of those questionable pics of myself around the house. They would no doubt resurface if I should decide to get popular.

flyingvan said...

Very prudent to keep your future options open like that. I think I have a few pics of you in the archives (a box under the bed) that will be blackmail worthy if the opportunity arises

james said...

The picture of a biz card's a great idea. On the aesthetic criticism side, I like how earnest he looks in contrast to her carefree expression

Anonymous said...

shes just hot