Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm judging YOU

I've always thought one of the more lame defenses is when someone says, "I think you're judging me!" Here's a warning---I'm constantly judging you. It's a necessary survival tool. What's wrong is if I use my conclusions to assume any sort of superiority.
There are different levels to this evaluation, and you can't convince me it doesn't go both ways. Is this person going to hurt me or anyone else? Are they going to make things better or worse? Are they interesting or boring?
The ongoing judgment is based on your personal growth of wealth. I don't mean money or stuff, though. I'll do my best to figure out what God gave you to work with, mixed in with the challenges you've faced, and look at what sort of rich life you've carved for yourself. This rich life by no means has to be MY idea of a rich life. As long as you have some interest--raising children, living off the land, collecting Beanie Babies, ice fishing, making soap....and you passionately pursue these interests, you're building wealth towards a rich life. If, though, you put more effort into distracting yourself from wealth through addiction to food, alcohol, porn, video games, gambling, defining yourself through things you did long ago, whatever---you are squandering life. That's poverty.
The wealthiest people I know are the ones that were handed some pretty daunting challenges yet developed some very keen interests and continually pursue them. Most of the wealthiest people I know are Moms.


Lee said...

In a heated discussion with a person best left nameless. They through out the "Who are you to judge me?" comment defensively.

My immediate response was "Who do I have to be?"

Oddly enough it shut him down and got him to start thinking about what I was ACTUALLY saying.

keeka said...

I totally agree Steve. I had a talk with one of the staff at my work who has teenagers. Mine as you know are not at that point yet.
I discussed with her cell phones and texting in regards to whether or not my children will have them.
Her comment to my continued negative response was, "talk to me in 5 years, you'll see". Carl and I have discussed this and we have determined that texting is not a necessary part of growing up and that if our children really want to text they can pony up the money to pay for it! I have a feeling they will get along without it until they have jobs! I can see us getting phones (sans text capabilities) for emergencies, but that is our stand on it and we are pretty good at avoiding adult peer pressure. Plus, our children know what "no" means! Our family prefers to talk to people vs texting them!

keeka said...

Oh and one other thing. I have a cell phone. I don't text, I don't have a camera in my phone and I don't surf the net on it either. I use it to tell someone I will be late (which very rarely happens) or if there is an emergency. Does that make me backwards? I don't think so.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I think the key word here is harm. If a person isn't harming another person, I pretty much leave them alone.