Friday, April 17, 2009

Mobile gel mixer

So we took delivery today of the 'mobile gel mixer'. We heard rumors of it coming. Someone way high up outside our department decided the city was safer if we had one and came up with funding.
It's huge. It's a massive trailer with a 3000 gallon steel tank that can be placed hydraulically on the ground, and an 1800 gallon mixing unit. The idea is you set this thing up, find a water supply, and start mixing fire fighting gel then pumping it to the tank. The copters can dip out of the tank or use the snorkel to fill. It's really, really big.
We'll see how useful it is on a real fire. Right now generating a user's manual and buiding a structure to shelter it is the concern. I'll bet you don't have one of these at work.
Did I mention it's really big? Shiny too.


Lee said...

For some reason I keep thinking about what a mess it would make.

flyingvan said...

Oh. I should explain. You find an open area with a flat spot for the tank, and the tank tips off the trailer with this big hydraulic ram. Then you drive the trailer with the mixer a few hundred feet away, make the gel, then pump it into the tank for the copters. If you were thinking a vessel for holding liquid is a poor design, you'd be right