Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cross reactions in resourcinols

Yay, going to Hawaii where there is NO urushiol, the alkyloid in Poison Oak that causes a bad dermatitis. "Hey Daddy can we buy mangos?" No...I'll pick some wild ones for free.
Find mango tree. Pick mango. Mango sap drips on various exposed skin sites. Skin inflammation occurs, just like poison oak.
Mangos and poison oak/ivy/sumac are all sumacs. The alkylloid mangol is very similar to the alkylloid urushiol, and cross sensitivities are the rule, not the exception. Basically, if you have been sensitized to poison oak, avoid mango sap and skin of the fruit. Nuts. (Eating the fruit is fine and will not cause a reaction)
Oh well. The discomfort is minor compared to the excitement of learning something new.


flyingvan said...

The excitement wore off. I'm still itchy though.

Tina said...


I think Connor is probably immune to Poison Oak. I know it's in the backyard, and he's never 'caught' it.

We have to use Crossbow to kill it - nothing else seems to work.

flyingvan said...

No one is permanently immune. I was for a long time, then finally became sensitized. After being exposed a random number of times you're susceptible. For me it was after bragging about immunity then clearing a buddy's lot, even standing in the smoke of the burn pile. Bad. Since then it's been a problem. If every sumac species went extinct I wouldn't lose sleep

Caitlan said...

Oh no, that is so funny though!

I have to be very carfeul eating mango, or it makes my lips swell and crack.

So at least you didn't
1. pay for mangoes and
2. have an allergic reaction to their skin.