Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't take the bike...YOU"LL KILLL YOURSELF!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somehow I got it stuck in my head I was going to start biking to work, at least once a 'go around' (4-24 hour shifts).
My big brother Jim has run a bike shop for years, so I asked for his input. His response was to build me the mother of all bicycles. When I showed this picture to co-workers that are avid cyclists, they got excited and envious so I guess it really is going to be a good bike.
The commute is 56 miles, BTW.


Lee said...

needs a bell, tassels and playing cards in the spokes.

Lee said...

Wall Street Journal today. Bikes are causing pollution!

Shame on you!!

The Anonymous Fire Buff said...

That is an awesome commuter bike. Good for you. Built from scratch you say?

flyingvan said...

Yes. My older brother runs a bike shop and he's custom building it for me, specific to the ride I want to do and my neanderthal level of finesse in all things

jim said...

Well, it's 99,9% done. Photos on your e-mail eventually. Bell, yes, tassels, sorry, should really be baseball cards from Topps in the spokes, but I hate the gum. Ride's like a dream, much lighter feeling on the road than it's actual weight would suggest. It's exactly what I wanted Steve to have. The riding position is spot on, even comfortable on the drops. Anyone that sees it is, that has any interest in bikes, is impressed, people who know bikes are kinda dumbstruck, having never seen or even thought of anything like it. There's always one thing someone keys on, the handlebars, saddle, shifters, brakea, something. Anyway horn tootin' but not for no reason, I had a great time with this project. Thanks Steve!