Friday, June 20, 2008


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK so here's the update. All the reserved places are paid for. MF, B&P are in RV spaces near the log cabins, which are occupied by Keeka (Fri-Sun)in one, and V. Moore's family (Thurs-Sun)in another!!! Very glad Vince is coming. I didn't even recognize his voice. Shoo in a Duplex Fri-Sun, Suella and whoever else they've brought in tow in the other duplex, Fri-Mon. (I think there's a Legoland adventure in the works for Monday) RBG's clan in our rental cabin will be the first to arrive on Wednesday. Another addition is Maggie formerly Patterson's family, just fo rthe day though.
Celeste is working with Annamarie to figure out who needs to bring what. There will be various opportunities for general mischief but Saturday afternoon will be the big meet and eat at our house. Of course, a group photo will commence. No funny faces unless you were born with it.
Typical to mountain weather, it can range from 40 degrees to mid 90's in August. I'd predict comfortably warm. Sunscreen, bug spray, fishing stuff, hiking stuff, and old pictures of past things would all be good.
There is still one log cabin available, already paid for. RV sites and tent space too, but if anyone else is coming better let me know quick. Still working on Ronn and Father Joe.

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ronnwaters said...

Steve, et al
I am truly sad, but I will not be able to make it for the reunion. My (step) sister Wendy is getting married the same weekend in Seattle. It is a big deal for us and Wendy is probably the only member of my family that is not criminally insane.
Hopefully there will be more chances like this in the future as I think about and actively miss most of the people of the list.