Saturday, June 7, 2008

Really good teacher

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The school's fifth grade teacher, Scott Copeland, has always worked on and around boats. Every school year he leads his class in constructing a boat. Mckenna's year it was a kayak but this year they built an outrigger. Near the end of the school year the class has the official boat launch party at the bay. Very, very fun day.
We really should have performance pay for teachers that keep the kids interested in school and the subjects...Hey Byron----Scott knew of the Astor from his wooden boat mags, and wanted to know if 'Fife' was the builder? Next time Astor is in San Diego can we arrange a visit?


prestoffcenter said...

I feel fortunate to have had a few teachers in my schooling that were willing to go beyond the books in my education.

27 years later (yikes!) I still have fond memories and still chat/hang with Bob S. being one of them.

Yes, Wm. Fife & Sons, Scotland 1923. For sure, we can work a visit, but it's going to be a while. Since we missed this year's meet, target is Scotland in five years, then not sure when they will return after that.

Does he want to sail a leg? I'll see if I can put in a good word. Tell him to dust off the passport, and meet up along the route.

Otherwise we'll just have to keep in touch for the return.

Scot Copeland said...

Thanks for the kind words. I love what I do, and getting to know people like yourself is icing on the cake! Your children make teaching too easy!
As for Astor, I'd love to crew a leg. I'm fortunate enough to return from Hawaii aboard a Naval helicopter carrier on August 1st. A quick 6 or 7 day passage!