Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bear Mountain

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Played hooky at Bear Mountain. It was spring conditions and pretty slushy, but all the slogging wore the kids out good. Fun day for all, no injuries. We have the Big Bear cabin until Thursday so tomorrow we might go sledding or sightseeing


Tina said...

I like the 'no injuries' part.

Looks like a good time :)

prestoffcenter said...

Wow- what a concept. You got snow and here we have close to the 90's. That's a few worlds apart.

The fam is all looking good.

BTW- Filbert report is coming.


princess slea said...

i love the "idea" of skiing but have absolutely no ability to do it.
growing up surrounded by FLAT fields might have something to do with it.

i tried skiing the first (and only) time when i was about 12. NOT GOOD. i was the freak yelling "get out of the way" as I headed right for groups of people. ultimately, i found myself upside down with a face of snow. i took off the skis and walked down the hill and then just waited all day for everyone else to finish.

flyingvan said...

That EXACT smae thing happened to me. Except it was dancing, not skiing.