Thursday, February 28, 2008

Date night

~~~~~~~`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Picture used by permission)....Mike F's watching the kids for the night, so AM (Flying Vanessa??) and I brought the tandem bike down to Pacific beach for an overnighter. We put 14 miles on the bike, had an appetizers only dinner at a fusion cuisine place. Then looked at tile for the new room. Came back to the Beach Haven Inn to warm up and change then a pub crawl, all on the tandem bike. Unseasonably warm. AM, who would be cold in Death Valley in July, was warm enough to get a little sun.
Marriage maintenance courtesy of Mike F. who often steps up to watch the kids. (He's 'Uncle Mike'). AM and I have known each other since we were 16, dated since we were 23. Still dating. I hope she keeps me
On the off chance someone single is reading this blog---find someone out of your league, pursue her relentlessly, and treat her like gold so she can brag to her friends. That's my formula at least.

1 comment:

Tina said...

Nice photo!

Glad you guys get a chance to do the dates like that.

We only recently have been able to add that in, since Connor was not very babysittable for a while. He's much better now :)

We haven't managed anything more than dinner/movie at this point, but the older he gets the better able he can deal with us being gone for longer chunks of time.

I don't think Diana could deal with us being gone overnight yet, and she's the main person watching Connor :) Maybe if we let the dog sleep in her room....