Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rob George, Junior Birdman

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rob George and his clan are trying out the cabin for spring break. I got called in to work, and we had a 'dog and pony' show at Scripps Hospital. Rob tagged along (good thing, too---their proxima projector didn't want to talk to my laptop) After the powerpoint we took everyone out to sniff over the copter and demonstrate some rescue stuff to the nurses (and some curious medics that happened to be nearby) When it was all done, Rob got to fly back to our station. We never just take the scenic route back along the La Jolla coastline like that, honest. Anyway I think it was worth the trip down.


Lee said...

Next thing you know Rob is gonna get a whirly bird. Probably expense it as well.

Flying is in his genetics ya know...

prestoffcenter said...

Ah es, the bowman bag(the red burrito) Been there.
Way fun.

I should post that pic.

- Rob said...

The ride was great - thanks Steve!

Regarding flying in my genetics, that is a reference to my uncle who was a commercial and small plane pilot. I flew with him several times including once in his WWII vintage Corsair. This was my first helicopter flight though (my mom informs me that I have a false memory on a flight once as a little kid by the Queen Mary in Long Beach).

Tina said...

I rode the helicopter that used to go from San Pedro around the bay there. I was with my Onkel Gert, and I recall the pilot tipped the helicopter over so it flew kind of sideways and there were no doors, so I was looking straight through nothing at water.

A few weeks later the helicopter missed the landing pad and fell into the harbor. Then there weren't any more helicopter flights.

But I know for sure I rode with Onkel Gert when I was 12 or so.