Saturday, January 12, 2008

Summer office

This was my summer office during the 'Moonlight Fire'. I'm on a resource list so if US Forest Service needs a helicopter, I get called to do management/coordination/inspection duties. You have to be ready to just up and go, and live out of your car for weeks on end. It's a dream job. This site was called Mountain Meadows helibase, and we were right on the edge of a thick forest with the helibase in the floodplain. Camping, helicopters, problem solving....Kind of like Glamis except you get paid. No beer though. The first picture is looking southwest with Mount Lassen on the horizon. My machine was a Bell UH-1H, sort of the granddaddy of San Diego's fire/rescue copter. I had a good crew and good pilots on this caper. There were 14 machines in the lineup with plenty of work for everybody

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Tina said...

My geography is a little rusty - is Mt. Lassen the one up by Redding? Carolyn & Carl go up to a camp there almost annually...

Just wondering.