Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beach Patrol

This was kind of a nothing rescue....You can tell because they make it sound like the guy was critical and life was in the balance, then we just stand him up and have him lay down in the Bauman bag. There really wasn't another way to get him out though. I just walked down to him instead of inserting---saves a whole hoist evolution and takes away half the risk.
Nothing like video to remind me I've got a good face for radio


princess slea said...

you guys are so nice to him. i would be tempted to say something rude like
"you are a 300 lb man, do you expect us to carry your ass up that hill? now, keep your arms in the bag and shut your pie hole"

come to think of it, how did a 300 lb man hike down a hill in the first place?

i'm really working on being more compassionate but it's not one of my strong points.

flyingvan said...

Ummm...Hold your stomach. It was the hottest day of the year and the dude was NUDE SUNBATHING all day down at Black's Beach. No water all day. Decided to walk back up the cliff and collapsed. A good dose of IV saline made him a lot better
Anyone that's been a paramedic more than a few years either develops burn out or compassion....Compassion takes less energy

monkeybrigade said...

At our EMS service we're getting patches made for memebrs in the 300 lb club, 400 lb, 500, etc...

My personal record was 594 lbs, but there's a guy who lives in a rural town near here that's just over 600. The best thing is that he's not a shut in, so he goes out on the town and has diabetic/cardiac/resp episodes in public. Thankfully, he hasn't been nude sunbathing.

monkeybrigade said...

Wow, now that I actually got to see the video, I'm impressed. The voice-over guy made it sound a lot more stressful than it looked. Does it really matter with that much weight? Does the claustrophobia explain the nudity, or vice-versa?