Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Catalina with Mckenna

Most eighth graders go to the mountains for camp, but it doesn't make much sense for the Julian kids that already live there. The Julian kids spend a week at 'Campus By The Sea', a secluded canyon a fedw miles north of Avalon. Mckenna really wanted me to chaperone, and I agreed a year in advance.
As the time approached I didn't want to go. Nothing against Eighth graders, Catalina or Mckenna. I spent most of the summer following the big fires around the state and as soon as I got home it was time to go to Catalina---I think I had 12 hours to pack.
It was great. The facility was outstanding with a private dock, no roads, plenty to do. I was impressed by the kids and the teachers. My task was to lead the 'Underwater hike' which was snorkelling. The kids wore wetsuits but I didn't just to keep the complaints about cold down. It didn't work. On the last day the kids got to go to Avalon, and had the option to take the water taxi or do the 6 mile hike. Some of the other adults and half a dozen kids did the walk, and I treated to root beer floats once we got there.
The best part was time with Mckenna, of course....At mealtime I laid down the law about good manners--no hats, no one eats until everyone has their food, boys hold girl's chairs, the works. They really got into it.


- Rob said...

I like the "enforced manners" idea. Too bad that it is so rare that it was a novelty for the kids to get into. I have found camps like these with the kids to be great bonding experiences. Sounds like you got over considering it a chore and had fun with it!

Zina S. said...

Thanks for looking at my Goa photos... yours are fantastic! Quite an adventure :).