Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Light Duty


     AnnaMarie couldn't find pendant lights she liked for over the bar.  We had fun looking online but still couldn't find what she wanted.  I was at Dixieline and they had the pendant light hardware (you buy the globe and bulbs separate) in the bargain bin for $6 each.  I guess the antique bronze doesn't sell. 
     I have a special diamond tipped drill bit.  You have to keep it wet or the glass shatters.  A.M.  had a pair of hand blown olive oil bottles she decided would work well.   It would have been easy to just cut the bottoms off but she wanted the thick glass ring at the bottom.
    Glass, power tools, water.

        The neck on the bottle was too long, so the bronze cap wouldn't cover it and it looked stupid.  So the wetsaw I used for cutting rocks was put back in service.
      More glass, power tools, water.  And a camera.
                           All the sharp edges were sanded under water.  I wouldn't want anyone to get a cut when changing the bulb.  It was a bit tricky getting that nut on and tight.
                 All done.  We tried a variety of bulbs.  These have a sort of crackly glass.  40 watts and pretty bright----I might go down to 25 watts.
  AnnaMarie doing some finish work in the reading nook.  The balusters are made from that mystery wood----I had just enough.

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