Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Close

    I was coming up on 180 days since the last inspection.  I've got a whole bunch done in that time, but nothing completed.  So I asked Rob (my building inspector) to do a progress inspection.  I was at work but AnnaMarie dealt with him just fine.
    Rob put together a list of everything to do before my final in November.  There were only two surpises---

  He said my stair rail was too high over the nose of each tread.  What he didn't account for was, I haven't added the treads yet---it will add 1" of thickness, plus the nose will come out another 1 7/8"---well into the correct height.
  He said I can't use corrugated tobing for the range hood vent.  It has to be smooth walled rigid pipe so grease won't accumulate.  Getting the flexible stuff in was hard enough.  The rigid stuff is going to be a real challenge.

     The floor is all finished----I had to let it dry for a few days, sand it, and put another coat down.  A.M. wanted the upstairs planking to go perpendicular to the downstairs, and after it was in I could see why.  I have to get a picture of that.

   This was early on in the finish process but gives a good idea of raw vs. finished.  I absolutely love this floor and it was only $120 for all the downstairs and upstairs minus bed and bath rooms.

   There have been a few interesting things to look at while building.  Here's my neighbot Jene doing some target practice.  His target is across the street way down the meadow, maybe 150 yards.  He doesn't miss.

Then, there are the Chubascos.  Chubascos are the clouds that form right over our mountain ridge where the cool moist ocean air slams into the hot dry desert air.  This cloud dumped 5" of rain in a few hours.


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