Monday, July 2, 2012

Starting the Ending

   If it seems like I post random pictures here...well, I sorta do.  See, I haunt a site called .  It's a forum for owner/builders.  What is interesting is they are trying to sell house plans but encourage owner/builders that don't even buy their plans---they even facilitated getting my plans to someone else that was interested in them.  It's a great resource for owner builders with questions or comments.  I just like seeing what others are building.  It's a whole spectrum---some super fancy, some downright unsafe.
   So in the home stretch now.  I was trying to figure out how to finish the beam that holds up the bedroom and opted for deep sanding and a clear polyurethane.  Mom suggested a pantry and broom closet up against the wall (It will be behind the bar area)  so that's done. 
     The chimney chase was a difficult design element.  AnnaMarie wanted it to match the outside boulders--how they look uncut, then incorporate some cut stones.  All the stones are native to the lot.  It would have been cool to do the whole thing in a stone veneer but it would add a year to the project and lots of weight to the chimney.  This pic is taken from way up a ladder.  Really you will only look at this from a ground floor vantage point, and from the reading nook it's mostly stone.  All the wood will be white.
  I got the mantel and some other stuff varnished up.  This is the same mystery wood the stair rails and balusters will be made of.  it's beautiful, whatever it is.  Once all the balusters are lined up in place it'll be really pretty.

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