Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moulding The Future

    The closer you get to the finish of big projects, the more the work involved seems to drag.  I wish finish work went as fast as framing....AnnaMarie is starting to accumulate furnishings, picking paints, and choosing fabrics.
     Moulding and trim work is fun---it's the finishing touches, and going slow to do it right is one of the differences between a OK project and a really good one.
     It can be expensive though.  A single stick can cost $14 and sometimes you waste a lot of it.  However, a nice 2" by 10" by 12' plank is less than $10, and just like rocks are full of tiles, planks are full of moulding waiting to be liberated.
   Here is a bunch of moulding from one plank.  You have to select timber that's relatively clear because once you start cutting things thin, a knot can make it fail.  There are 5 crown trim pieces, a funny angle one for where the ceiling changes pitch (it actually got cut into 2--filled a corner with the other piece) 3 outside corners, and 3 inside corners.  They get sanded a lot to look more finished.
     The reason I haven't returned Byron's table saw is just to make all this trim.  The outside corners like this get run through 3 more times with the blade set at 45 degrees---to soften the corners.  People will be forever brushing against outside corners so they should be rounded.  A deep sanding smooths it all out. 
     Next step is priming it all, then painting.  It will be white but AnnaMarie can't decide how white yet.

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Byron Grams said...

Table saws are fun.