Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shingles Are Painful

  But so far I'm not experienced personally with the medical condition.  I wanted wavy shingles up in the gables.  I couldn't find what I wanted, and have extra HardiePlank material.
  I started by cutting boards into 23" lengths---5 boards at a time. 
Next, lined them all up and snapped two chalk lines---at 10" and 13".  At each seam made a mark as sort of a target-- so my free hand wavy lines wouldn't get too crazy
First time doing this, with Byron here, we learned the importance of numbering the shingles.  There was still an issue with the numbering system since I went up one side and back the other---so when we added more, had to get into negative numbers.  This time I did odd near me and even away, so I can just keep adding numbers.  When it's time to install I'll just do all odds then all evens.
Then it's just cutting and stacking.  Next they'll get primed and painted, front, back, and edges.  They're all moved inside so when the snowstorm hits tomorrow it'll still get done

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