Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Building in the Snow

   This time last year, when the weather would turn, I could get a little bit done but before too long the elements and common sense would get the best of me.  I'd have to go home and be underfoot for AnnaMarie while the framing would be getting snowed upon.  Now, I have options.
     You're supposed to use the fireplace a few times with the house open to burn off any oils and contaminants from the manufacturing process.  This airtight fireplace drafts air from outside, and has a thermostat controlled blower.  It really puts out the heat.  I'm just tossing construction cut offs in as I go.

Also---here are the shutters I salvaged from a dumpster.  They have some 'character flaws' that I'm going to leave in place, just some little gouges here and there.  They go well in the bedroom, I think.  All the wood is going to get painted gloss white.

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