Monday, June 27, 2011

Finished Framing

       Framing is all done!   Kind of bittersweet as framing is my favorite part of the project.  There's progress seen at the end of each day, there's figuring out stuff to do, and the near primordial need to work with wood.  The other primodial need to not fall down is a reason to be glad to move on....
    I really didn't like how the porch roof terminated at the ends as I drew them for the plans...They just sort of stopped at the wall, and since the eave sticks out 16" it looked funny.  So, I matched the eave mirror image to the left here, forming a peak and somewhat protecting the side window from the weather. It breaks up the monotonous look of the big wall some and should stiffen it up (this wall faces the prevailing winds).  It was probably stiff enough before but the way our house can shake in high winds, a little extra perpendicular sheer won't hurt.
     This was the real head scratcher.....I had to build a box to hold the tankless water heater.  I wanted to put it equal distance between the kitchen and bathroom, which would have looked funny just sticking out of the wall.  Once again, the porch roof was supposed to just end at the wall corner.  So with the box and flue channel built, the end fascia extends up to the box then continues down the other side.  It shelters the kitchen window and adds interest to the back of the house.  I really struggled with how long to make the sweep going to the right---at first it was barely wider than the box, then played with making it symetrical like the other end....(decided against that.  It might have looked as if the house was originally a single story house that had a jutting upstairs addition forced upon it)  so opted for just over the kitchen window and below the upstairs hallway window.
     Next is housewrap and installing windows.  Windows can be a one person job, if they are very small and close to the ground.  None of mine are so I'm gonna get help.  When I called Byron and asked for help installing windows, he sounded pretty eager.  Now I'm wondering if he thinks it's a computer issue.  I should have been more clear.

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shannon vincent said...

awesome! love the wrap around porch and the added touch of finishing off the eave on the other side.