Friday, June 3, 2011

Boat Launch 2011

   After a one year hiatus, Mr. Copeland's 7th and 8th grade class built and launched a boat, this time an outrigger.  It's a great way to end the school year, with a big beach party. 
    One of the crew chiefs at work has a son that reps for a stand-up paddle board company.  He and his friend brought some boards out and gave lessons---it was a hit and good addition to the event.
  Not exactly sure why McKenna was so anxious for a stand up paddle lesson.  She never expressed an interest in it before...

     So after Riley and Eric put in a few hours with the kids, they took the outrigger out for a paddle.  They really got the thing moving.
 Then, of course, the obligatory group photo

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Tina said...

Pretty cool. I'm glad to see your kids know how to smile for pictures (group photo). It's an important skill :)