Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roof Sheeting

   There are quite a few steps in this project that are basically question marks.  If I'm really not sure how to get over some hurdle, I try to get everything done up to the point of the roadblock and reduce it to a single question. 
    How do you cut an irregular triangle the right size for a gable that's 28' off the ground?
   The other issue is this radiant barrier stuff.  It's like extra thick bubblewrap with mylar on both sides.  It reflects 96% of the radiant heat and helps make it a very efficient 'green' building.
    So I climbed up with a piece of this radiant barrier, tacked it in place, and trimmed it to shape.  Took it back down and used it as a template for cutting the sheeting.

Just getting the lumber up there was hard.  YOu sort of cradle it in your arms while shimmying up the ladder.  With the wind you have to be careful and be willing to drop a carefully cut piece if need be.
The only part left is the curved rafters for the kick-out over the bedroom and that will be pretty easy compared to the gable.

   The underside, looking up.  You can tell how high the ceiling's gonna be by the ceiling joists.  If you ever work around that radiant barrier stuff wear sunglasses

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